The Third Place

Alongside the church in Raharney stands a bespoke space for the community named – The Third Place.

This space is a facility for the local community to gather before/after church services. A beautifully designed space upgrading an existing house parallel to the Church. Equipped with cameras into the Church it will be an overflow for services, with auditorium seating for 50. There is also a separate room for meetings, individual events or even have a cup of coffee after services. For more information please contact us by email

The Third Place name is a planning and development definition. Explained as the First Place being home and family, Second Place being work and Third Place being community or church, the naming is fitting for its situation in Raharney village. Purchased by Shay Murtagh for the local community in the memory of his late wife Doreen, the project was to give a comfortable and functional space to have cup of coffee after mass or indeed link with the church for larger capacities if required. Designed by architect Patrick Gilsenan with construction work being completed by Shay and the team at Shay Murtagh Precast this beautifully reimagined building aims to become a vital hub for people in the Parish.